1. November
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It was November when I moved away from you
I never thought I wouldn't wait for you
But I gave you all my time
You had so much of my time

I took a job in Tennessee
I asked you to move away with me
But you said you didn't know
You didn't think that you could go

So, I swallowed all my pride
And I packed up all my pain
I only wanted you to see this through
Instead you helped me pack my bags
And you watched me drive away
I'll look behind me dear, and I'll see you
Goodbye to my home

Now it's Winter and it's cold away from you
I thought by now you'd be here, too
But it's always on the line
Maybe if we give it some more time

So, I'm swallowing my pride
And I hide away the pain
I only wanted you to want this, too
So, you told me you would try
And I'm waiting every day
Don't look behind you, dear
Just follow through

As I said goodbye to all I knew
Yeah, all I knew
The only thing I really knew
Is that I wanted you

So, I'm crying through my pride
And I'm swallowing the pain
Of learning how to live without you
Someone else will pack my bags
Hold my hand, and they will say,
"I'm right behind you, dear, I'll follow you."
But you were my home.